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Thursday, October 06, 2011

How Social Media Reshaped Communications

I watched this web cast live on Wednesday October 6, 2011 and think it is worth the 50 or so minutes for you to watch the replay.  The presenter is Chris Bogan, President of Human Business Works.  Here is the teaser for the web cast:

One in eleven humans on the planet have a Facebook account. Social networks are now the #1 most visited site category on the Internet. Not since television in the 1950s has any one shift in the technology landscape driven such a large raft of behavior changes. Businesses are grappling with social media on several fronts: how do companies manage the use of social media internally and externally by employees? How do marketers and sales teams and customer service teams use social media to build relationships of value? Which policies and practices keep everyone operating in a safe-but-smooth zone? And how do we make value for everyone from these tools? Join Chris Brogan for a discussion of how to build a new dialtone in this environment.

View the web cast on the BrightTalk web site: How Social Media Reshaped Communications

Monday, February 07, 2011

Get More Followers on Twitter - Fill Out You Profile

I am in the process of going through the new followers for my Twitter account - @SMBStrategy - as well some accounts that I monitor for clients and still cannot believe that businesses setup a twitter account and do not fill in the profile. 

I am looking at a car wash/detailing business that is following me to see if I should follow back.  To decide if I want to follow back I go to their twitter page to see their profile, location, and tweets.  They have spent the time to setup a background that looks clean and professional, their tweets are almost all about their services, and their profile is not filled in.  Why spend the time to create a background and not the minute it would take to add a profile?

I will not follow... why?
1.  Their tweets are primarily about their services, so they are not providing me with other valuable information that I want to know.  They do have a couple tweets on salt damage, but that's it.
2.  Issue #1 would not be bad if they were near me and I like getting my car washed, but they have not put their location on their background or profile, so I have no clue where they are.  One can make the argument you can follow one of their tweets to their web site and see where they are, but isn't part of the draw of Tweeter getting info without going to other sources...

Other than my rant, there are other reason to fill out your profile completely.  Your Twitter profile is crawled to deliver search results within Twitter and through 3rd party applications.  This is one of the ways for followers and potential customers to find you.  Also, include you full domain in your profile for SEO purposes, not a shortened redirect link. 

Good luck setting up your account and happy tweeting...

Friday, January 07, 2011

Internet and Social Networking Strategy Case Study

Jan 7, 2011 - Bridgewater, NJ - Eagle Strategy Group LLC (Eagle) has release a case study for a completed project that included an Internet and Social Networking Strategy.

Eagle's client was an Airport Parking Operator near a major airport that competed for parking customers with the airport, other off-airport parking operators, and airport hotels. The client was looking for a marketing strategy that utilized their web site and social networking to increase web traffic and sales.  To complete the project Eagle setup accounts for the client on Social Networks: Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn, Foursquare, and MerchantCircle as well as setup a form for collecting email addresses for a monthly newsletter. Eagle made regular posts to each Social Network and wrote and distributed the monthly newsletter insuring all media was conveying a unified marketing message.  Read the Internet and Social Marketing Case Study and go to the Eagle Strategy Group Management Consulting site to learn more about Eagle.