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Friday, August 15, 2008

How to Do A Web Meeting or Comference Call for Free... Well Virtually Free Anyway

I have been using Free Conference (www.freeconference.com) for over 5 years. It is an easy way to schedule and setup conference calls with up to 99 people. The base service, which requires each person to dial in on a long distance number is free. So, with the proliferation of VoIP and unlimited long distance land lines, this service is virtually free. Also, setting up a conference call is an easy 6 step process that allows you to send email notifications to all participants. Some of the other features available for a fee, including recording, transcribing, and 800#, are also handy depending on what types of calls you host.

While Free Conference is great, I always wanted more. I have tried other services that include web meeting functionality, but there was always a catch - I had to pay! A couple weeks ago I ran across a paragraph in PC World Magazine's Beta Watch section that mentioned DimDim (www.DimDim.com). It gives you all the web meeting functionality that you need and only requires the installation of a web browser plug in. Now for those conference calls where I need a little more interaction, I use Free Conference with DimDim. I just paste the DimDim info in the email sent out by Free Conference when I schedule a call.