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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

SMB Strategy Cast Podcast Available at iTunes

The SMB Strategy Cast Podcast is now available at the iTunes Muisc Store. A few months ago, Apple added a PodCast section to the iTunes software as well as a directory of PodCasts in the Music Store. In the Music Store, users can search PodCasts by keyword or browse by subject and subscribe and listen to the Podcasts. If you use iTunes and are on a computer with iTunes running, you can click on this link to listen to the SMB Strategy Cast.

If you are not an iTunes user you can still download or stream the SMB Strategy Cast from the weblog for the PodCast located on our site at www.bizplanhelp.com/podcast/. If you use an aggregator to view weblogs or listen to Podcasts, there is the option to subscribe to the XML feed.

Also, if you want to search for other Podcasts, the iPodder.org directory is a good start. The SMB Strategy Cast is listed in the iPodder “Business” section with many other great business podcasts. The site also has many other categories to explore.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

New Business Strategy Resources – Links & SMB Strategy Podcast
October 12, 2005

We continue to update the BizPlanHelp.com Alpha site. Last week we added the first few categories and links to Business Strategy Resources that we find valuable to the entrepreneur. These resources are available in the Links Section of BizPlanHelp.com. The first three categories are:

  • General Startup - Resources that cover Business Plans as well as other topics important for startups and SMB's like Biz Plan Help.
  • Business Plan Help - Sites with resources to help entrepreneurs create business plans.
  • Business Plan Samples - Sites with sample Business Plans.

We are also accepting site recommendations from our readers. To recommend a site send an email to links@bizplanhelp.com with "Recommend a Site" in the subject area. In the email include the URL, Site Name, Brief Description, and Topic Area. If your site does not fall under a current topic area, but you feel it is a good resource for Startups and SMB's, suggest the new topic area in the email.

Also, the first episode of BizPlanHelp.com’s Podcast, Small and Medium Business (SMB) Strategy Cast was published today. The SMB Strategy Cast covers business strategy topics that pertain to startup, small, and medium businesses. Each episode will be limited to 10 minutes and cover one topic. The first few episodes will cover the Business Plan for startups as well as seasoned companies.

The first episode can be downloaded in the Interactive section of BizPlanHelp.com, http://www.bizplanhelp.com/interactive.htm. We are in the process of creating a weblog with an XML feed that will include show notes and links, so if you use an aggregator for retrieving your Podcasts like iPodder (www.ipodder.org), you will be able to subscribe. For feedback, comments, or questions, email us at podcast@bizplanhelp.com.