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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Eagle Strategy Group LLC Launches Active Mentoring Program

Manhattan, NY, November 22, 2005 – Eagle Strategy Group LLC today announced that it will begin offering an Active Mentoring Program (AMP) to small and medium businesses. The driving principal behind AMP is to train internal employees to identify needs, assess conditions, create solutions, implement solutions, and monitor results, while an experienced consultant serves in a mentoring role.

AMP is a flexible approach that can be utilized at any level or within any department in your organization. An Eagle Strategy Group Consultant works as a “Mentor” within your organization. Through group workshops and interviews, the Mentor helps employees identify needs or areas for improvement. The Mentor then facilitates the assessment and creation of a solution by training employees to utilize modern business principals, tools, and technology. Finally, the Mentor helps the employees implement the solution and monitor the results.

Steve Mooar of Eagle Strategy Group LLC commented that “There are a lot of small and medium business out there that would like to initiate projects that bring new business principles to their organizations, but do not have the resources internally or the resources to bring in external people to complete these projects.” He went on to say that “AMP gives these businesses a cost effective way to complete these projects by training internal employees and guiding them through the project.”

There is also an Active Mentoring Program (AMP) for Startups, where Eagle Strategy Group works with entrepreneurs on new ventures. Through AMP for Startups, a mentor guides the entrepreneur through the business plan and business launch process.

About Eagle Strategy Group LLC
Eagle Strategy Group provides Strategy Consulting Services to small and medium sized businesses. Eagle specializes in developing strategic solutions in Operations, Information Technology (IT), Startup, and Merger and Acquisitions (M&A), as well as provides interim management support. For more information on AMP, AMP for Startups and other consulting services go to www.eaglestrategygroup.com and contact:

Steve Mooar
Phone: 917.475.4691
Fax: 917.591.5239