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Friday, July 30, 2010

Finally Blogging Directly From an iPad

After playing with some work arounds and trying to find a solid free app that works with Blogger, I have given up. I forked over the $2.99 on the Apple App store for BlogPress. I choose it because it seemed to come up the most when I searched for iPad blog apps on Google and it works with other social media like Twitter and Facebook.

I am writing this post with BlogPress and I have the Twitter option turned on so when I post this entry will go to Blogger and Facebook. I am not using the Facebook option because it looks like it will post to my profile and I would like to post to a page.

Take a look at BlogPress iPhone version:

Or iPad version.

- Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Is Twitter the Apple iPhone and iPad Killer App

I have 30 days under my belt with the Apple iPad and find that the go to app is Twitter. I have been a casual user of Twitter and have even helped clients include Twitter in their marketing programs. I have Twitter on my Blackberry but find it slow and only useful for reading tweets, but the iPhone app that I loaded is packaged nice and easy to use. Even though it does not take advantage of the bigger iPad screen, I hit the 2x button and it looks OK.

The best feature of the app is the ability to setup multiple accounts without having to sign in and sign out to change accounts. You can also move lists and people you are following from one account to another. Managing multiple accounts is important to me because at any given time I am managing the bizplanhelp Twitter @SMBStrategy as well as a personal account and accounts that I administer for clients.

Another nice feature is built in browsing. One can click a link within a tweet and go to the site without leaving Twitter. Once done reading just click the "Tweet" button at the top left corner of the screen to return to the tweet. Because the browser is built in I can go back and forth from a Tweet to the Internet almost instantaneously, which is nice since iPad does not yet support multitasking.

One thing I would like to see changed is a button for the hash or pound symbol "#". For those not familiar with Twitter using the pound symbol, referee to as has tag in Twitter lingo, is used to categorize a tweet. On the standard iPad/iPhone keyboard that is located 2 clicks in to get to the special keys, so I am recommending a button on "New Tweet" screen. All in the convenience of the iPad tied with the ease of use of Twitter makes for an addictive combination.

Get the Twitter App by Twitter, Inc.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Life With the Apple iPad Day 5

It looks like I made the write choice on holding off on buying a word processor app for the iPad. In the June 2010 issue of PC World titled iPad vs. Everything Else the sidebar is titled Does the iWork Suite Work? Not Yet. The Not Yet part of the title sums it up - read the article at PCWorld.

Remote Access App
iRdesktop is a remote desktop app. I was able to setup a remote connection to a windows 2003 network in minutes by simply copying the settings from a windows vista laptop. This is an iPhone app so it does not take full advantage of the iPad screen and the scrolling can take a little getting used to. I was able to view applications, edit and save with no problems bring up the keyboard. I was not able to edit a server once setup even though there is an edit button. This is a free app and I will use until I find one that is more iPad friendly. Get iRdesktop by Thinstuff s.r.o. now.

The Big App Show - is created by Adam Curry. Yes, the former MTV VJ from back when the M stood for music. If you did not know, Adam has been at the forefront of digital media for years and has set up a digital media network company - Mevio. At Mevio you can download video and audio shows, but I digress, back to App Show. Here is how an article from The USA Today described the app:
On The Big App Show, Curry delivers breezy two- to four-minute features on "really cool" apps. He plays with the app on an iPhone so users can see how it works, rather than forcing them to stare at static screenshots.

Get the Big App Show from Zulu Apps LLC. now!

One of the Apps highlighted on the Big App Show is Talking Carl. Carl is a red animated creature that can best be described in a PC way as Elmo's cousin that takes the short bus to school. You talk to Carl and he repeats back in a high pitched mocking voice. You can also get reactions from Carl by poking, pinching, and tickling. I have recommending this app to a bunch of people with kids and every kid has enjoyed. Get Talking Carl by Awyse

iPDF Reader - I receive a lot of PDF files. This app allows you to open a PDF file directly from an email. I can simply email the app to my iPad and open. I have loaded the free version but there is also a delux version and iPhone version. If I am going to review the PDF file many times I add the pdf to iBook. By adding the PDF file to iBook it shows in the PDF section of the iBook library and treats the PDF like a book, which means you can add bookmarks and use the thumbnails at the bottom of the screento quickly go to a page. Get iBooks by Apple Inc. and iPDF Reader Free by Fubii.com

I continue to find more ways to entertain with the iPad, but also have made some progress on the business side. Remote access on the ipad is easy and the iPad is great for viewing PDF files. In fact, large PDF files are easier to navigate on an iPad than on a PC. I created this post in Evernote and so far have not needed a word processor app. I am able to move back and forth between browser and Evernote to put together this post, but not having multitasking is cumbersome. Looking forward to the fall update. I also hope the update fixes the wifi issues. I can't believe that I have to keep entering a wifi key.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Life With the Apple iPad Day 3 & 4 - The Weekend

It's Saturday and I decide to postpone my previous return to blogging subject and instead blog this series on the iPad. I decide to write the blog on the iPad. I could use Evernote, but decide to go with google docs instead. I have been using google docs exclusively with one of my clients, so being able to use on iPad would be another set towed labeling the iPad legit for business. I open safari and login to google docs and see the familiar screen. I open a new doc and hit a dead end. I can't pull up the keyboard. To make a long story short one can view but not create and edit. And there does not seem to be an app for that... At least as I write this.

I hit the app store but I am not ready to commit to buy a word processor app. Instead I am writing in the iPad built in Mail app, which allows me to then email to myself to use my laptop to post. I have some other options that I will try:
1. Notes - preloaded in iPad and can email directly from a note. Even has spell check.
2. Evernote - I am already using this app on my iPad, laptop, and blackberry. The advantage is that notes are sync'd through Internet so I can start blog post on one device, finish on another, and post from a third.
3. Blogger - write my posts directly in blogger. The problem is I cannot scroll in the edit window in blogger. So if the post is more than 2 paragraphs, I cannot write or even edit after pasting into Blogger.

After getting the first blog post in order, I am back to the app store and here is what I get into:
Airport Info Lite - this app gives one info about airport amenities and surrounding area including parking, car rental, restaurants, hotels, gas, etc. I load the lite version and start looking up some clients in the travel industry. Find the app useful but find a bug - if try to press a push pin on map to get info, sometimes app closes. Get Airport Info Lite by UnitConvertr

Solitare by MobilityWare - this was a mistake as I found myself playing over and over. In fact I just went to the app to look up the publisher and had to play a game. Free though. Get Solitaire‌‌‌‌‌ by MobilityWare

Brick breaker - another waist of time game. This one looks like an iPhone app that has just been blown up to fit iPad, so graphics could be better, but you can't argue with the price - free. Get HD Brick Breaker Free by Storybird

Stumble upon - another great time killer, but it is the weekend. Load up your profile and this app randomly recommends web sites that match your profile. You have the option to give site thumbs up or down to improve your profile. Get StumbleUpon App

Made one step back with google docs, but after starting this post in email app I actually finish it in Evernote. So, I made one step forward and one step back. One thing I would like to see in the next version of the iPad OS is arrow keys on the keyboard. When editing text I found myself clicking multiple times to get curser in right place. It would be easier if I could get the curser close then use arrows to position the curser.